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No More Waiting

by The Regulars

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In a time when the radio waves have left rock and roll by the wayside, New York City's The Regulars refuse to play along. As true believers do, they ramble on, making their name as rock music’s purest revivalists. The Regulars are becoming known as one of the most energetic and fun bands on the circuit. They continue to perform straight up rock & roll for an ever-increasing fan base.


released October 2, 2011

Joe Benoit: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Sam K. Shaw: Bass and Backing Vocals
Michael Himes: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Sam Paul Sherman: Drums and Backing Vocals

Recorded at The Buddy Project, Astoria, NY
Produced by The Regulars and Kieran Kelly
Mixed by Kieran Kelly


all rights reserved



The Regulars New York, New York

In a time when the radio waves have left rock and roll by the wayside, New York City's The Regulars refuse to play along.

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Track Name: Self Destruction
Self Destruction

Yeah the American dream was nice while it lasted
Back in the day when the radio blasted
If the money got tight you could count on your savings
Now you’re pretty lucky if your job is still paying

Times are rough and the headlines are shitty
Well it’s rat eat dog here in New York City
You could be a rich man if your daddy’s rich too
You could starve or you could prosper but it’s really not up to you

Well all give
We all fight
We’re trying just to make it through the long night
Do we live by design?
Praying someone holds the key to salvation
The road to destruction is our own creation

You bring the whiskey and I’ll bring the shotgun
If the world’s gonna blow, then we might as well have some fun
You could riot and plunder and loot for a small fee
Tell me when is the government coming to bail out me

Praying someone holds the key to salvation
(We all live, we all fight)
The road to destruction is our own creation
(We’re trying just to make it through the long night)
The road to destruction is our own creation
(We all live, we all die)
The road to redemption is our own creation
Track Name: The Loser
The Loser
I don’t wanna waste my time
Holding onto something that ain’t right
My heart has been on cruise control
Heading for a crash at the end of the night
Maybe this is destiny girl
No one said that fate won’t bring you pain
Admit it
Things have changed

I’m giving up
I don’t wanna love you
My mind’s made up
I don’t wanna care

She’s been playing her games
Now I’m the loser
I knew it was a matter of time
‘Til I would lose her
The writing was on the wall
I guess I could have told her
She’s been messing around
And now it’s over

Maybe I’m the one to blame
I haven’t been around too much lately
I love when you pretend there’s nothing wrong
‘Cause you don’t have the guts to face me
Yes I’m sorry
But what’s done is done
The show has ended
The last note’s been sung

I’m gonna throw the fight
And it’ll be alright
Yeah I really need to let you slip away
The world is turning around
I think I’m West Coast bound
I’ll have my tickets bought by noon today
So have your fun
But your day will come
He will treat you just the same
Track Name: No More Waiting
I’m feeling jaded
I’m suffocated
Working for the man has got me
Doubting I can make it
I’m feeling hollow
This shit’s too much to swallow
If I had a million bucks
I’d be a world away tomorrow
They try to rule you
Think they can fool you
They bait you with a buck
And then do anything to screw you
But I don’t worry
Instead I’ll hurry
I’ll make my break at five
And drive off in a blaze of glory

Tonight we leave it all behind
We’ve earned our chance to lose our minds

No more waiting for these summer nights
2 AM and there is no end in sight
We’ve been waiting for these summer nights
There’s no sleep ‘til we start to see the light

TGI Friday
What else can I say?
In a little while
I will be free to do it my way
One more hour
I feel empowered
Someone tell me why
Such precious little time is ours
It’s ten to five
Almost quitting time
The minutes passing by
I’ll make it if it kills me
Just two more to go
And I’m a one man show
You don’t even know
How this moment does fulfill me

Now the summer’s gone
And we’re all still here
You gotta raise your glass
And toast another year
Track Name: Make up Your Mind
I’ve got a friend
Who’s got a friend who’s such a tease
With just a word
She’ll have you on your knees
I’m stuck on her
Its borderline OCD
I’ll never stop
As long as it’s good for me

Make up your mind
I don’t have the time
To sit around waiting for you
You had your chance
But now that it’s past
I should probably look for somebody new

Tell me all the things I don’t want to know
Show me silver lining before you go
I think that this abuse has taken its toll

How do I know
That your words will be true?
You could just lie
And I won’t have a clue
Say it again
And I’ll pretend not to hear
I heard obsession
Was in fashion this year

Go on say it
I can’t scan your brain
Go on
Make my illusions go away
Go on say it
Before I go insane
Go on
I can’t wait another day

Tell me all the things I don’t wanna know
Show me silver lining before you go
I think that this abuse has taken its toll
Tell me what you’re doing after the show
I think that this abuse has taken its toll
Track Name: On the Run
Let’s take a rest
It’ll be alright
In time this is all gonna fade
I know a place
Where we both can hide
Far from this mess that we made

We were foolish
But we can’t turn back now
I’d redo it
But I just don’t know how

Baby we are living on the run
And we never thought it could be done
We’re still holding on as strong as ever
The punishment don’t always fit the crime
And even innocence can hurt sometimes
If we gotta fall we’ll fall together

I know it’s tough
Scraping by each day
Relying on strength to survive
The reach of the law
Is not far away
And they’ll take us dead or alive

Don’t you worry
Because I got a plan
We’ll keep moving
Until we reach the promised land

I should have known
A long long time ago
That we’d make out like bandits
We’re far from home
But I think the time has shown
That the two of us can stand it
Track Name: Home
Driving down the parkway one last time
Maybe I’ll take Route 35
Through the heart of the Amboys
I’m just a kid from the suburbs of NJ
But I’m still looking for the way
In a sea of white noise

Not to be sentimental
But this town took eighteen years to raise me
It may sound like nothing special
But I’m going back before I go crazy

Going home where I can find me
Going home where the lights don’t blind me
Home is a word that can have a lot of meanings
But home is home no matter what you’re feeling

Walking on the boardwalk late at night
Snacking on bags of salty fries
Wash it down with candy
We never had a care from year to year
Gonna grab a slice and then a beer
From some shore town shanty

Maybe I’m too nostalgic
Our glory days are in the past now
Childhood won’t live forever
But memories will help it last now
Make it last now
So it don’t fade away

It’s funny how we never did appreciate
The things we used to love to hate
When we were younger
We couldn’t wait to get the hell out of this place
But blemishes we wish we could erase
We can’t resent any longer